Can You Get An Overdose With Cannabis?

Can You Get An Overdose With Cannabis?

Can You Get An Overdose With Cannabis?

This question has very clear answers really. We, first of all, have to be careful how we use the term overdose. After that is cleared, we just have to find out how much is too much. You can overdose actually on anything. Though we frequently relate overdose with drugs. You can overdose with coffee or water. Being able to overdose on something does not mean it is lethal. As is the case with any substance, there is such a thing as too much cannabis. This simply means an overdose with cannabis is a reality, though a lethal dose is not easy to reach.


Do you wonder how hard it is to get to the lethal dose? well, it is almost impossible. Buy vape cartridges online. You will have to smoke about 1,700 pounds of medical or recreational marijuana within 20 minutes to reach that level. Wonder how many joints that will take?no need.

The effect of that amount of smoke in that short time will kill you even before the THC reacts. With edibles, it could be possible since you don t have to deal with smoke but still, you will have to take in over 50 grams of pure THC to have a chance of dying for an adult. Even if you are using the most potent edible there is. Excessive sugar and salt might likely kill you first. Buy Weed Online Sacramento


You won’t die from cannabis most times. However, though you are not out of the woods yet. Bad things can happen to you when you smoke too much weed, as first-year university students say. There are discomforts you will expect with cannabis consumption, with some more obvious than others. Can You Get An Overdose With Cannabis?

Fatigue is one of the symptoms you would expect if you are familiar with cannabis effects. Buy marijuana online. Melting on the couch is different from falling asleep standing still. Buy shatter online. if you feel closer to them later, you will surely wanna sleep it off. The good thing is no matter how much marijuana you smoke, the effects will only stay for a few hours. Am sure you won’t mind a good 4-5 hours nap from time to time would you? Buy marijuana cheaply online.


Let’s look at some of the marijuana symptoms that are predictable. Firstly, forget being able to drive. As a matter of fact, avoiding the wheels, even walking will be a great challenge. Your heartbeat will get faster and faster with your blood pressure dropping in turn. Impaired movement is also one to mention. Lastly, the could be considered the most unpleasant of the symptoms. Anxiety and paranoia are likely to hit when you get too high.THC has been proven to leave certain marijuana users in those mindsets and it only gets worst as you smoke on. Can You Get An Overdose With Cannabis?

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